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 Hey, guys okay so a bunch of you after I posted my first Bridal article, what did I when I make that a wedding dress shopping tips, even make that Bridal article and some requests to do more Bridal related articles for those you who don’t know.

I have been in the bridal industry for the last six going on seven years, when I say bridal industry I mean specifically dresses I wanted to make an article about the top 10 mistakes that Brides make when their wedding dress shopping.

I’m going to try like I did in my last article to keep this kind of positive in 4-minute, want this to be not an article to bash put an article to educate and make your perspective Bridal shopping experience a lot easier so many specific questions about Bridal shopping.

Let me know in the comments below but without further ado.

Let’s get started, let me start off by saying this first tip which will kind of like roll into a lot of the other tips right.
the first mistake that I see Brides making a lot I’d say more often than not is not educating themselves, I don’t mean that to be like this tick, you’re not smart, I just mean you know it’s obvious for most people.

With their first-time gown shopping Brides don’t for whatever reason they’ll be on Pinterest. they’ll you know do some Instagram like explore page exploring.

If you will, but they don’t really take the time and this was in my last really don’t really take the time to find this.
the tech that they like the designers that coincide with the aesthetic the price points at those designers range it’s a really easy trail to fall down but for whatever reason, I think it must just really back to everybody.

Banana Republic Wedding Dresses

So, excited that they have this sometimes loosely held but some sort of a vision as to what their day is going to be like what they’re gonna look like etcetera and again I know people are like I’m not like that.

Again I said, sometimes loosely held vision that they don’t necessarily think about the steps that it takes to execute that, and the reason why being educated on what you like what that runs what etcetera, how it benefits you is it will show you where to make your bridal appointments, cuz you can see what stores have the designers that you like.

It’ll show you the price range of the rest if you are like okay this is a great dress but it retails for five thousand you know you don’t want to spend five thousand dollars knock it out of running right so and don’t go to that store and try it on so educating yourself before you ever step foot in the door is so so so important.

Like I can’t do this, how you like I said I’ve seen Millennials get better at this because we’re more inclined to Google and look things up and you know go on Yelp and things like that but there are some people where that’s lost on so definitely that’s my biggest thing is not just use Pinterest but Google, don’t be afraid to just Google how much does this cost, you know what I mean.

It’s really simple and you’ll be able to get some sort of a ballpark my next tip that goes along with that is over shopping, this is another really really big mistakes upfront mistake that brides making , it’s over shopping going to too many places, trying on too many dresses, this is easy to do when again you have not completely educated yourself on what’s out there.

What’s out there in your price range also there’s so there are a few reasons why I see girls over shopping this is the path this is the pattern okay.

The kind of archetype of the over shopped girl one is they don’t know what they want okay, and they haven’t really taken the time introspectively to be like what they want they’re just so caught up in the hullabaloo.

You know what I mean of dress shopping oh my god, there’s so much out there let me try this on, let me see how this looks that, they don’t actually take a step back a bit.

Okay, I want to feel good or I want to feel covered or I want to feel sexy sometimes it’s just a buzzword that can help a stylist if they’re well trained or they have a good eye you know aid that the second one is the girl who does not want the experience to be over this is the girl who has absolutely loved bringing her.

You know four best friends, her mom, her mother-in-law, her aunt, her cousin with her to each and every appointment loved.

The champagne loved putting on the show has found the dress and can say to you this is my dress but you can tell as a consultant that she just doesn’t want to say yes because she probably wants to prolong the experience and go shopping more and be paid put on more gowns and put on this show.

This is getting rarer I’ve seen this less ooh, I’ve seen this less but it’s definitely a thing there’s just a lot of reasons why you can be over the shop but those are some big ones everyone is asking for opinions or bringing in too many people.

Bringing too many people is so tough more people equals more opinions, I feel like this is a very common trip more people equals more opinions, I totally understand the need they want to include as many important people in your life as possible.

But there are so many other stages in the process you can include them in sometimes bringing them dress shopping is not the time you can bring the people your decision makers.

You know your family dynamic but those core people that you need to bring or want to bring, and some people don’t want to bring anybody and they want to go by themselves and see the vast majority it really depends on who’s paying and that kind of gets weird.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming for you for the consultant for other people in the store the people want. the people that you bring the more, he will out of there the more overwhelming, he has the more opinions you have it’s just tough next one unrealistic alterations expect expectations here’s the thing you know people you buy a dress it doesn’t it comes in not fitting you or it doesn’t fit you if you buy a sample.

it’s not driving you and obviously when you get it fitted you expect that it’s gonna look nice on you.

You expect that it’s gonna look like it was altered to you here’s what you should not expect a right to change your body shape to not have creases when you walk to not look like there’s a human in it when you walk.

I get so many girls being like well this line be there you know what I mean it’s like it’s like that line when you step in the dress you know basically your hip joint and I’m like here’s a thing and I always say this.

I say this many times, I’m like you got a dress and you’ve got a moving human body in it, okay the amount of times I said this out loud to my brides is so funny hearing myself, say it like now in this environment like you’ve got a moving human body in it.

There’s only so much, that you can do fabric versus human person right? so there’s only so much you can do to be realistic.

Here’s what you need to look for here’s, what you need to voice to yourself when you’re getting alterations done.
am I happy with the alteration job that was done in terms of the execution of the quality of work?

Can I walk in the dress and my tripping is it too long does it fit me well. okay if there are no gaps are there no holes etcetera etc.

If you are purely disliking alterations that we’re done because you don’t like your body in the gown that is a totally different animal and that is really hard.

I mean it’s it’s heartbreaking as a female first and as a sales consultant/stylist second. because it’s like wow. this woman and this girl are really unhappy with herself so please try to distinguish those two things and you know you get a lot of brides that.

Say the dress is great, I just don’t like me, you know what I’m saying and again most heartbreaking words you can hear, I’ve mentioned this in my last article but it’s just so funny this is just so funny and this definitely wasn’t like a thing that happened 15 years ago because say yes so the dress didn’t exist before.

That maybe it did I definitely wasn’t watching it using TV or your friends or whoever has engaged for your emotional reaction when dress shopping you know some girls put a dress on they’re like.

Yeah, I think this is it. but they’re like why aren’t I crying and it’s just so funny to hear that because I always have to say are you a crier? do you cry regularly do you cry when you make decisions? do you cry when you make emotional decisions? and the girls will be like no and be like so why cry now, why would you cry?

25th wedding anniversary dressesNow what my friend said well, I see it I say yes and just you know everybody arrives that decision differently and everybody is so different.

There are people who are just more Patric about it and more expressive but that doesn’t make it any less II yours you know what it doesn’t make it any less right, it’s just that’s person-to-person.

Don’t you use that the questions that you need to ask yourself, is and I always say this member is can you see yourself walking down the aisle in it can you see yourself looking back on pictures and loving?

This dress can you see yourself standing next to your fiancee in it and I say is there anything you change about it if you were to shop somewhere else.

Would you be looking for anything else and if they. answer “yes yes yes, no no” to those questions I’m like is this your dress so those are some questions that you can ask yourself to kind of vet it.

But everybody is arriving that decision differently and if you’re indecisive about which I get so many brides to say. I’m so indecisive you know and I say listen if everybody in the world was decisive.

I wouldn’t have a job because you could just come in here and pick out your gown off the rack signed sealed delivered.

I’m out I mean that’s a bit of exaggeration there’s a lot of that goes into buying a dress event stuff another mistake Brides make is not putting your bridal blinders on.

After you buy your gown there’s a lot of pretty dresses out there and sometimes after you purchase your gown especially if it’s a bit in advance before the wedding you see all these collections coming out if you’re constantly scrolling through Pinterest and everything like that, of course, you’re gonna get frustrated, of course you’re gonna be like “oh my god oh did I make the right ? a decision is this the right dress for me? ”

It’s so tough to put your bridal blinders on pretend that no other dresses out there exist okay.

To me, this is so funny because it’s like it’s like going on tinder after you found the right guy right it’s like why even bother why even look this is another one that I said in my last article if you’re not ready to buy. don’t shop.

It’s a waste of your time, it’s a waste of the consultants time, it’s a waste of the stores time, you’re gonna find a dress you love and when the consultant goes to close you-you’re gonna say “oh I only came to try on dresses and………” but and have fun you spend an hour and a half plus with us we spent an hour and a half plus with you it’s a lot of time to dedicate to somebody and we take that seriously.

And we want you to take that seriously too because it is at the end of the day a business transaction and although it can be very very fun and frilly and girly and Fabian.

It is a business transaction I really hope that you wouldn’t do this but oh my god I’m sure people do I really hope, that people don’t go to like you know Maserati dealership and test drive cars.

Like for the hell of it like multiple cards and the day just like feel like. this is I’m not really gonna buy I feel so bad for that salesman right like, I would never do that I don’t go into a sales environment, unless I know I’m serious unless I know that I’m willing to purchase if it’s right.

Yeah, if you’re not ready to buy don’t shop okay this is another really big tip I don’t want to try to keep this short but you need to remember is that your wedding gown should be so quintessentially you,  it should be the most you think that you’ve ever worn in your life everybody should look at it and be like yes.

That is Sarah in a wedding gown yes that is Lauren in a wedding gown and just look like you and it should feel like you and it shouldn’t feel like you’re putting pressure on yourself to be this version of yourself that you’re just not you should be you plus a little extra kicked up a notch on your wedding day but this is not the time to please anybody else that isn’t you I just “I say to my Brides all the time your wedding day is not the time to pull a new fashion stunt”

It’s not the time to try out you know like an updo if you always wear your hair down right like it’s not the day so why would you go for something that you never know normally go for on your wedding day granted.

Most people it’s their first time in a white gown wedding dress. so you know they don’t really have a standard or a precedent to live up to. I do hear Brides occasion are saying I made that Mis decision because I know that’s how my mom wanted me to look in the gown and that’s why I think I loved.

It so much a time because I knew my mama loved it but it’s not me and that to me again breaks my heart and it also breaks my heart and this is like I don’t want this to sound petty but it breaks my heart that’s your dynamic that you have with your mom and my mom if I if I ever put on something that I would never do this.

But if I put on something that I knew my mom would love and she knew that I loved it just because she loved it.
she would shut it down immediately, she’d be like this isn’t you, you know what I mean like this is not you so it breaks my heart when I see girls do that for a whole host of reasons so just remember that this is you.

My very final mistake that Brides make when they’re shopping is not having fun have so many fun guys, I get girls to come in and they’d read it they’d read if they’d read it and they’re like. I’m so not a dress girl I’m so not girly first of all nobody is forcing you gun to head to be in a bridal shop if you don’t want to wear a wedding gown don’t wear a wedding gown go to Macy’s go to Goodwill go to any store ever and get a white outfit to get a black outfit.

Whatever is you it is supposed to be fun it’s not a root canal you know it’s not it’s not working out it’s not even buying a car, it’s not even buying a house it’s not even that serious guy is you know what I mean so definitely just kick back relax understand that it is a big purchase but also enjoy it it’s supposed to be so enjoyable and again I said this in my last article but if you feel like the consultant or the store is not making it enjoyable outtie but thank you guys so much for reading this article.

If you have any questions comments or any requests for the more Bridal related article do let me know thank you all so much for reading. Please comment and don’t forget to share. 

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