How Will You Calculate The Cost of a Kitchen Renovation?

It makes sense in renovating your kitchen once in a while, not just for the purpose of enhancing the aesthetic looks but also for improving the longevity of the kitchen walls, appliances, and anything that makes up the kitchen.

In this write-up, let us find out how you can calculate the cost of renovating your kitchen and how professionals go about it. First of all, a contractor cannot give you an estimate unless he visits your house and looks around every nook and corner of the kitchen.

Once he has done so, he is in a position to give you the quotes. So, let us find out the various factors that one must take into account for working out an estimate for the same.

Factors Determine Estimate Of Kitchen Renovation Costs

Check out the factors in the points mentioned below-

Prevailing Market Prices (Cost Versus Value)

Prevailing market prices
Primarily, the existing price of kitchen remodeling across the country and various regions are taken into account. Work out the so-called “Cost versus Value” report.

Compare rates and consult your contractor so that he can guide you about the best option that you must opt for. For professional assistance, you can approach any kitchen renovation company Toronto based service provider.

Cash At Disposal

According to experts, the cost of remodeling your kitchen will also depend on the fund available at your disposal. For instance, if a homeowner has only $5,000 at his disposal, the contractor has to carry out the renovation in accordance. So, the number of Benjamins you can shell out will most importantly, determine the level of renovation that can be undertaken by the contractor.


Levels Of Remodeling

Levels of remodeling
Generally speaking, there are three types of remodeling budgets, namely, low budget cost, mid-range cost, and high range estimates. So, how will the three differ from each other? Let us find out.

Low Range Estimates

In this kind of renovation, there will be no major changes in the physical structure. It will mainly include stuff like changing doors, placing new kitchen slabs or tiles, and replacing countertops. The cost will usually range between $100 and $150/square feet.

Mid Range Costs

For estimates in this range, the cost is usually between $200 and $260 per square feet. The options for renovation are more as compared to the previous one. For instance, you will get better quality of tiles and slabs for your countertops or kitchen walls. You get value for money, and you can also save some cash at the same time without hurting your wallet.

High Range Estimates

High range estimates
Under this category, the homeowner usually does not lay any constraints as far as spending dollars is concerned. So, after consulting with the contractor, you can opt for extensive renovations. These include not just replacing appliances but also changing the physical structure of the kitchen if possible.

If a contractor offers a ballpark figure, request him to give you a ‘breakdown’ of the estimates. It will provide you with clarity about the areas that require renovation, the type of appliances or work that has to be carried out in that area, and also how much cash you have to keep aside for the same.

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